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Our story

Aljalkhi olive oil from the ancestral land we started since 1958 AD the beginning was from Syria we inherited the production of olive oil from our grandparents "very seriously as we reached the ancestral profession to the countries of the world (countries of Asia - the Middle East - the Arab Gulf countries - Europe - the Americas - Australia). Our oils taste and rich color using the best fruits of quality which is why we continue for many years

Our success

Your own brand logo with us towards globalization holding ISO certification and honoring from the American Food and Drug Administration Association and several certificates exceeding our product sales and several awards for taste competitions
And exhibitions of domestic and international food

Our tasks

After a series of our continuous successes, we consider the best for several important reasons, where we take care of every detail from olive harvest until its time and filter and fill it according to the latest modern methods and according to international standards using the latest and most sophisticated machines. In the field of nutrition and healthy production, to guarantee you a product of high competitive value in the local and international markets

Olive oil safety conditions

AJ OliveOil

Store a product Aj Olive Oil

Store a product

in a dark, cool, and free from sunlight and keep out of the sunlight

Keep away from

high temperatures as much as possible and tie them to the place of residence between 18C - 22C

Extra virgin olive oil

freezes below + 4 째 C Freezing extra virgin olive oil is not a criterion for purity

Avoid putting products

next to soaps and detergents. Olive oil absorbs and retains odors, which leads to oil oxidation and discolouration

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